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Innovation and originality

We are proud to present you a brand new professional device Sensitiv Imago® Plasma. It has the relevant European certification and the device includes the latest software version with an updated version of the database, which works based on the built-in touch-screen design. The device offer a variety of functions and has the potential of becoming a welcomed instrument among naturopaths, nutritionists, alternative therapists and doctors of classical medicine as well as for scientific research.

Sensitiv Imago® Plasma is a therapeutic tool that is not tied to the presence of the operator during the energy compensatory methods. It is an innovative tool that perfectly complements the entire portfolio of the Sensitiv Imago brand, but it can also work outside our entire portfolio as a stand-alone instrument, like all our models. You can apply this technology to all your clients without age restrictions. Compensation procedures are non-invasive and are completely painless.

  • Sensitiv Imago® Plasma has become part of the Sensitiv Imago portfolio and represents a fusion of ideas, collaboration and many years of experience of specialists in the field of bioresonance and frequency medicine
  • The database of contained frequencies is unique and individually processed under the guidance of experts and has the possibility of flexible additions and updates, according to the needs of users
  • The Sensitiv Imago® Plasma has undergone important hardware and software innovation and stabilization, which has expanded the operator’s options and takes into account the current health situation of the population

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