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I’d like to thank you for producing such an excellent piece of equipment. I worked with another brand before but it was a heavy machine and cumbersome. So when I saw yours and your test results I didn’t hesitate to try. Your machine works like a dream. I have seen really good results with clients over the 20 or so months I have used it so far. The fastest was a client who had from his symptoms worked out which HPV he was suffering from. He just needed 3 sessions of 10 min and the virus has disappeared, no more symptoms at all. Another example is a 5 year old girl with recurring eye infections. 2 sessions and the problem disappeared.

There are more but of course, equally important, I was told that I had pseudomyxoma peritonei in June 2019 after an appendectomy. I refused the invasive regular medical approach and still remember the definite sensations I felt when using your plasma the first few times. It was a definite hit. I ran various programmes overnight for a few weeks and there has been no trouble since. I thank you again wholeheartedly.

Rob Esser, therapist


Lyme Free!!

Hi Everyone, just wanted to share a quick update with you. My fiancé has been fighting Lyme for a long time now. With the help of SI Plasma ( this machine is amazing) and Lyme batches (we did grade scanning for each section of the protocol) and a little help from a homeopathic doctor who would scan his body as well and let us know what else needed to be treated with SI Plasma and some of her homeopathic remedies, I’m happy to announce that after yesterday visit with the doctor he is officially Lyme free!!!! Thank you SI Plasma for creating this amazing protocol. It literally saved my fiancé’s life.

Ania Mitchell, Toronto


My wife and I are ages 57 and 60 but we try and workout in the Gym 3 to 5 times a day. What we noticed is that when doing strength training or cross-fit training we would take a a while between sets to catch our breath. So for tough sets our heart rate would go to 135bpm or even peak at 155 then we would need to rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute for our heart rate to come down before we move to the next set. The SI 530 always showed Fibroma of the Lungs in my scan but showed nothing with my wife. We got the SI Plasma and ran lung improvement in two days sets.

Day 1 we ran:
Pullmonary Fibrosis,
Pulmonary Insufficiency and
Blood Circulation

Day 2 we ran
Blood Circulation,
Pullmonary Hypertension,
Lungs Support.

The results were amazing. We tried to workout after the 2nd day and we found our exercise routine to be much easier and heart rate never got above 135bpm. Also it took 10 to 15 seconds for our heart rate to go back to rest rate. The next day we worked out with increased level of tension and weight and still found it easy and with similar breathing rates. We are very impressed with the speed of improvement we have experienced with the SI Plasma.

Abdullah Al Mandhari, Muscat


I would like to express a big thank to the SI Plasma company for developing such a great device capable of treating, among many others, serious chronic health problems. My experience of healing with this device is very positive (e.g. successful treatment of paradentosis in advanced stage, reduction of strong, long-term headaches to bearable level, removal of urine leakage, parasites, mold and bacteria, cure of oral thrush). Currently, we treat more types of diseases: chlamydia (where we´ve recorded an improvement), diabetes, sacrum spine, and other diagnoses.

I would like to point out the versatile use of this amazing device for the treatment of a wide range of diseases. I highly recommend plasma to people who want to improve health condition of themselves or their loved ones.

Pavol Putera, Handlová


I would like to express a big thank you for the therapy on your device. I had long-term health problems and even the doctors didn´t know what to do with me. Everything resulted in my physical and mental collapse. On recommendation, I had started coming to SI Plasma therapy into your facility and after a few sessions I felt so much better. I got rid of some health problems completely!

Thank you again and I recommend you to everyone who is no longer able to cope with health issues.

Gabriela Stefanova, actress


I have been using SI Plasma in my private practice and I´m very satisfied with the results. I´m also intetrested in doing further clinical studies in Poland on your generators efficiency.

Dr. Bozena Twardosz, 3M medical


A huge part of my personal and working life was that I used to dream vividly the whole night long. My inspiration from dreams has already brought me more money and creativity than my conscious creative efforts. It was therefore a problem for me when injections of Risperidone I was conned into accepting ended all that by destroying sleep for me. Therefore, I created a special frequency for sleep disorders for SI Plasma . After 3 applications, the expected result came. I was able to dream deeply again for even 14 hours without interruption! This frequency appears to permanently reset those parts of the brain which deal with sleep and dreaming.

But I've saved the best for last - because my dreams have returned in all their former technicolor glory. So much so that I've now had to start keeping a dream journal on waking, as I used to. One dream gave me the design for a revolutionary technology. If we make it together, we may get much further than Royal Raymond Rife!

David Bourke, respected authority in the field of plasma therapy, member of the SI Plasma scientific team


Totally amazing!

I could not sleep until around 6 in the morning, having very much pain due to eye infection. It felt like having a big rock under the eyelid. I tried the machine yesterday, running for about 2 hours on "Eye infection". Then I got a bit tired, and went to bed. At that time I could still feel something on the eye when moving it, but the pain was very much reduced, and it was easy to go to sleep. Now when I got up this morning, lots of small particles had evacuated the eye, and it feels much better! That was amazingly fast healing - I am so impressed.

Kaj Ronny Nilsen, IT specialist


Working with a mid- 50s woman who had a spinal bleed. She would prefer to avoid a surgery because to address the Cavernoma they must remove vertabra (bone) to access the affected veins/arteries for removal and all of this poses risk. I ran her for 60 minutes using SI plasma on healing with hemangioma and hemangioma cavernoma freq sets. While she had already healed enough to leave the wheelchair , walker and cane behind, she has difficulty urinating, pressure sensations at her knees and ankles and little sensation in her feet. From one 60 minute run her urine stream has returned to normal. She had her second session yesterday so looking forward to what else may come. We are combining this with alpha theta neurofeedback to help her psyche do some garbage collection and release in support if further healing too.

Jackie De Vries, therapist


I was treating a patients who had an acute corona infection. I used a therapeutic batch by RNDr. Dagmar Jancova, Ph.D. After 3 treatments, Covid-19 was gone. Great. I am so excited!

Daniel Hertig, therapist


Face acne 10 year. Menstrual distorder, dizziness in menstrual preriod. After theraping one week; face acne stop, dizziness stop.

Patient of Dr. Thai Nguyen


I selected all the eyesight programs and this morning I didn’t put my glasses on and went outside and did a few chores then I realised I didn’t have my glasses on and I could see! Not so good close up but outside in the garden much improvement. I came back in and checked my list from last night. So I will run the same tonight.

Also back to my long term forever cough 15 years it’s gone I mean gone no coughing at night I could never find out what was causing it nothing stopped it. I had pneumonia 2 years ago cleared that up but still got that dam cough. Till now. SI Plasma thank you.

Heather Foster, retired


Successful treatment of my mom by SI Plasma . My mother´s stage three brain cancer is in total remission. The enemy has fallen. It was stage three brain cancer, not a mere tumor. This and the edema disappeared.

Joseph Rinoza Plazo, attorney

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