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South-East Asia

South-East Asia

Official European Office Of Sensitiv Imago®

Praha ALFA-MED s.r.o.
Krenova 438/5
Praga 6

Official representative in Poland

Jaroslaw Orszanski
Romanowska 55E pasaz lok.8
91-174 Lodz


Latenska 1
Praga 5

The operating principle of the Sensitive Imago equipment is based on the identification of the cause-and-effect connections and the balance in all systems of homeostasis. Sensitive Imago does not have the goal to determine the diagnosis, which is done in the traditional medicine. Our equipment is targeted at identification of stress zones in the homeostasis and then determination of the causes and their effects.

Expressions like "patient" or "diagnosis" that are mentioned on this website are not to be seen as medical terms.

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