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About Alfa-Med Holding, Prague, Czech Republic

Our company has been on the market since 1996.

We are the Official European Office of Sensitiv Imago® producer ALFA-MED LLC based in Prague (Czech Republic).

We exclusively represent Sensitiv Imago on the European market in all aspects:
We are located in the heart of Europe, in the city of Prague. Apart from being a remarkably beautiful city, Prague is a very convenient place to travel to, with a comfortable airport serving many of the world's destinations. Also, for many European countries, it only takes several hours to reach us by car. If you do not have the opportunity to visit us in person, we will be happy to provide a range of distant services for any location.

We can offer you a presentation or a consult online via a free internet-based call.
We can provide a full distant purchase experience, complete with insured shipping via DHL, basic training (included in the price), all levels of advanced training for you and your team at a distance, IT and service support via our distant access platform.

We also collaborate with the non-profit organization BIOAR Altemedicum in the frame of our ongoing research in bioresonance and holistic medicine. Which allows us to continually enrich the training programs for our base of Sensitiv Imago users.

You are interested? Please contact us.

*Former company GK VITAL transferred it's functions to ALFA-MED Prague as part of business restructuring.

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