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Elizabeth, UK

I have been associated with Alfa Med for the last three years and in that time I have become a user of the Sensitive Imago Diagnostic Machine. Using this in my clinic has been a exciting addition. It is more than capable of diagnosing the underlying causes of illnesses from parasite, bacteria, virus and fungi to assessing also the stresses and strains that modern day living cause.

Cases such as asthma, muscular damage, fatigue and exhaustion are but a few that have been successful . In addition to this I have added the Angel and recently the Aureola. This now enables me to assess in a stable workplace, identify ,then treat and then again reassess the work in progress. The SI Ultimate Complex takes your ability to care for your clients to a completely different level.

Aleksander, Slovenia

I would like to share my experience on how Sensitiv Imago Angel technology helped improve the health state of my daughter.
This is our story coresponding the use of Sensitiv Imago Angel for my daughter.
On 30.1.2017 she was diagnosed with the worst kind of thrombocytopenia with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura.

Normal state of thrombocytes in blood is from 140 - 340 x 10*9/l. Lower than 40 x 10*9/l is considered absolutelly critical.

30.1.2017 she had thrombocytes at 4 x 10*9/l with high risk of internal bleading and her skin was full of red marks from bleedings in the skin.
Afer 10 days in hospital and two treatments with immunoglobolin, she had 9 x 10*9/l on the 9.2.2017.
16.2.2017 she had thrombocytes at 12 x 10*9/l
23.2.2017 she had thrombocytes at 12 x 10*9/l. Her skin was like full of red bloody marks as the first day in hospital.
23.2.2017 in the afternoon we have started using Sensitiv Imago Angel in our home.
2.3.2017 she had thrombocytes at 32 x 10*9/l and red bloody marks vere dissapearing (10 day of use of Sensitiv Imago Angel )
30.3.2017 she had thrombocytes at 266 x 10*9/l. She was tottaly healthy with a beautifull skin as nothing ever hapened ( 38 days of use of Sensitiv Imago Angel )
31.3.2017 she had an examination check for her allergies that she was diagnosed one year before. All of her allergies (dogs, cats, egs) had dissapeared.

I and my family are very impressed and happy with these results.

Wanda, UK

Male, 68 years

SENSITIV IMAGO offers a powerful complex.

Since 1980, in our family, we have switched to macrobiotic philosophy and nutrition for health reasons. In a short period, we saw a surprising result. Health problems have disappeared. This philosophy has strongly affected me. At that time I was studing various alternative disciplines.

For many years, I have been using Oriental Diagnostics, Ir-is, Su Jok, Diagnostics of Language and many other diagnostic approaches. There were clients with some doubts.

My dream was to have a non-invasive device with medical orientation and high accuracy of analysis. When I learned about the SENSITIV IMAGO class 500, I immediately bought it, I was very impressed from the plethora of functions. I could find the root of the problems where the body needs help, geopathic zones, toxic burdens, parasitic loads, food testing, food supplements and medicines, cleaning and harmonizing of the client, BRT and frequency compensation, creating spectral products that had very effective results. Some of my clients state that spectral globules are much more effective than drugs.

I felt utterly blessed. Clients were receiving professional qualified information because of NLS Diagnosis. This is a unique diagnostic system that allows you to track your body and recognize coming problems in time.

Emerging problems. Prevention is the best way.
Two years ago, on the basis of the analysis, I found suspicion of the initial uterine cancer (it was very small).
I tried to explain the cause to the client with the need to make changes. I have recommended a change in life style and in nutrition, highlighted foods that needed to be eliminated or restricted. I also recommended to neutralize negative fields, she was sleeping in a geopathic zone. She agreed on regular checks. I pointed out to her that if there is progress, it will be necessary to visit a gynecologist.

In the fall of 2016, a lady called me, who at first did not know where to go, she said she was examined and she was told to have cancer of the uterus. I told her what she was supposed to do to avoid it. She said that a few days after my visit, she was at a gynecologist who told her she was totally okay. That's why I did not make any recommendations on strict measures. After the operation she understood a lot and now she works with SENSITIV IMAGO class 500 and praises it everywhere.

Sometimes people have no confidence. A client waited for total knee joint endoprosthesis when he was brought to me by wife. He said he had an agreed operation and nothing else will help him. After the analysis I advised him that before he gets the term on surgery, we can do BRT and frequency compensation. He bubbled that it did not matter, but his wife said that she would take him to the procedures. Eventually he did not need endoprosthesis. After a few months they were in the Krkonoše Mountains, where there were long hikes. He recently asked me why doctors don't have such excellent devices. I informed him that some doctors do own the device. He added, such a technology should be everywhere.

When I brought the AUREOLA device, where I can evaluate the electromagnetic field of auras and chakras, and also perform chakra rebalancing with the LOTOS program. Thus, I expanded the connection of the physical processes with the mental processes.

The spiritual view.
The three-dimensional SENSITIV IMAGO, AUREOLA and ANGEL, delivers a powerful complex in analysis, optimizing the body and harmonizing the living spaces.

After many years of practical experience, I can strongly recommend the Complex to anyone interested.

Female, 25 years

As a seven-year old, I suffered from chronic abdominal pains. I had undergone many clinical examinations, but according to the results, I was quite healthy and the doctors attributed the problem to a poor diet. Over time, the pains were getting more frequent, around puberty reaching an accute intensity, accompanied with fainting, being unable to go to school, or doing sports or even engaging in normal life activities. During this period, I underwent further examinations in hospitals and specialized workplaces. Numerous blood samplings, sonographic examinations, EEG and others followed, but all of the examinations still didn’t detect anything, except for the small-sized appendix to which I was pointed as a possible cause and was adviced removing it, without a guarantee of any result.

At that time, I was also given the opportunity to be examed on a Sensitiv Imago equipment. I had undergone the measurement of the whole organism, and the cause of the long-time pains has been revealed to me - a functional disorder of the pancreas and duodenum. So, I refused the surgery on the appendix and underwent a 3-month compensation course that included the use of the equipment and an individual selection of supplements. Over time, I was able to return to normal life and I felt much better. From time to time, however, I was experiencing short-term returns of the condition and there still was work to be done to tackle the deeper root-cause of the problem.

Thanks to my own experience with Sensitiv Imago as a patient, I wanted to know its possibilities more deeply and so I became the operator of Sensitiv Imago first and then the supervisor. But this kind of work on a daily basis requires a proper energy protection - to help prevent excessive exhaustion and help create a comfortable atmosphere not only for me but also for my clients. And I found exactly such a helper in the Sensitiv Imago Angel technology that can "cleanse" the working environment and, protect the body's energy field from geopathic zones and electro-smog, and also make it easier to conduct an organism‘s examination because both the operator and the client feel comfortable and relaxed.

In 2016, Aureola S appeared - a device that was able to show the connection between my mental emotional state and the affected physical organs. Aureola shown what Sensitiv has discovered during the examination, but at a much deeper emotional level, which finally opened my eyes on what caused my earlier long-term health problems.

The examinations with the combination of Aureola and Sensitiv Imago also allowed me to create a comprehensive picture of my health. I made a consistent effort to work on the emotions that produced irritation of the pancreas and the load on the corresponding meridians - sarcasm and soreness – and after some time my pain probems completely disappeared.

To me, SI Ultimate Complex provides a truly unique opportunity to help treat the client, so that it really improves the quality of his/her life. The combination of three dedicated devices makes it possible to identify and correct the existing problems by building a causal chain and also to help the client maintain their health in a proper condition even after returning to normal life.

Petra, Czech Republic

I’ve been testing the Sensitiv Imago 530 equipment on myself, my family and my clients. This device has changed all of us, it‘s an amazing instrument for achieving a good health. This equipment has personally helped me eliminate myomas and I’ve almost eliminated migraines.

Three years ago, I was taking more than 6 types of medications and about 5 times a year I was taking antibiotics. I now take only one medication and since 3 years I have taken antibiotics only once. What is most important is that I feel great.

Excellent results have been shown in the cases of the missing menstruation with clients of working age, after harmonizing and setting the detoxification protocol, menstruation re-appeared.

The big plus of this technology that I see is in prevention, painlessness, so it is also suitable for children. It can reveal the risk of health problems before their consequences occur.

The new Aureola S system I’ve only used several times, however I see a great potential in this technology. Not only that we immediately see how different therapies or the product work on the body, but it will lead us to the problem in the relevant energy-burdened organ. A great advantage is that it is possible to harmonize misaligned chakras. I take it as a great bonus, because in this rushed times, if one stops for meditation, it is just beneficial to everybody.

Sensitiv Imago Angel, this small frequency shiner is a great helper, not only at home but mainly at the clinic where I work. Since I’ve used it, I feel better, I feel much less tired during the day. I was able to see the proof of the fact that this device works very well, this winter when sick clients were caming to visit me, I was staying healthy all the time over 5 months.

I am very grateful for all the 3 devices because they help us all and through them, we can help our clients in our counseling.

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