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UK SI Technology Holistic Health Seminar 2017

The seminar was held on 24-25th June. The decision was made due the objective circumstances to deliver the event in Prague instead of London.

Partners and practitioners from 5 countries have gathered to enrich their experiences in the field of the Sensitiv Imago Technology Holistic Medicine:

  • UK,
  • Slovenia,
  • Croatia,
  • Singapore,
  • Czech Republic.

The program of 2 days touched on the following topics:

  • The Quantum Holistic appoach to work with the organism with Sensitiv Imago Technology and SI Ultimate Complex
  • Reprogramming of the Human organism
  • Modern approches to address viruses and bacteria through Sensitiv Imago
  • Patient cases with Sensitiv Imago/Aureola
  • Work with the Human energy field and the energy centers , patient cases with Aureola
  • Work with the energy in the work and hom environments, patient cases with SI Angel
  • Company technological news about the upcoming novelties in the Sensitiv Imago Technology:
  • News on the Sensitiv Imago technology
  • News on the Aureola technology
  • News on the Sensitiv Imago Angel technology
  • Formation of the UK/International community of users
  • Round table between the participants on the practical and business points
  • Others

The Sensitiv Imago Technology Holistic Health Seminar 2017 has continued the Prague Alfa-Med Ltd big plan to strengthen our users and to inspire new ideas in the community of operators of our Quantum Holstic technologies.

We would like to thank all the participants for the great atmosphere and the practical input.
We look forward to new meetings soon!

Management of Prague Alfa-Med Ltd

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