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ALFA-MED LLC, the Main European Production and Trade Office of Sensitiv Imago technologies, presents:

Create your own Sensitiv Imago® LAB

“All-Inclusive Diagnostic, Healing, Training and Business Set-Up - personal, home and business solutions!”
European Union Guaranty of Quality and Service

Hello, we are Alfa-Med Prague LLC, a European Union based hi-tech production and distribution company with 23 year of experience in bioresonance, quantum physics and holistic medicine.

We offer a brand-new concept “Create your Sensitiv Imago LAB” because we think that you are unique and your business is unique as well. So, you deserve a unique attention and a unique approach.


  • Unique possibility to become a part of Sensitiv Imago LABs project
  • Get an individual Sensitiv Imago LAB put together for your goals
  • Learn our know-how’s in the energy wellness and healing
  • Use our proven technologies for diagnostics, analysis and healing
  • Apply our tested protocols and regimes for clients and patients
  • Get trained by top experts from Europe, USA, UK, Asia
  • Join the Frequency Club for guaranteed updates and insiders info
  • Feel safe with the European guaranty of legality and quality

We currently offer the quantum holistic hi-tech products that cover 5 main areas:

  • Holistic Diagnostics (hi-tech and practice solutions)
  • Holistic Healing (hi-tech and practice solutions)
  • Human Energy and Anti-Stress (hi-tech and practice solutions)
  • Environment and water protection (hi-tech solutions)
  • Mobile and Portable Healing (hi-tech and practice solutions)
  • +PLUS Individual Business Set-up (training, customization, support)

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  • Individuals for personal and family health solutions
  • Clinics and holistic centers
  • Doctors and alternative practitioners
  • Experts in psychology and psychosomatics
  • Experts in preventive and diagnostic care
  • Experts in anti-aging and longevity
  • Wellness, yoga and meditation centers
  • Hotels and wellness hotels for added services
  • Experts in estimation of the potential success in human activity
  • Experts and investors in sports for mobile health monitoring
  • Experts in HR for testing of effectiveness of working staff
  • Experts and consultants in the energy diagnostics and healing
  • Experts working with practitioners of martial arts
  • NEW practitioners who need an effective turn-key business solution


  1. You read about the Sensitiv Imago Labs possibilities on our website. Please start here.
  2. You submit a request at our European website Kindly mention “Sensitiv Imago LAB” in your request.
  3. We assign our LAB-consultant to you, who will send you the basic questionnaire to assess your interests and needs.
  4. You will be offered a personal consultation call for a detailed conversation on the possible LAB solutions for you.
  5. Based on the results of the call, you will be proposed a custom Sensitiv Imago LAB.
  6. After you okay our proposition, we’ll discuss the desired way of shipping and training. You can choose to take your Sensitiv Imago LAB and the agreed training in person at our office in Prague or get it delivered worldwide via DHL insured shipping and get the training via our Online Training Department.
  7. Upon the payment, your Sensitiv Imago LAB get tested for consistency and accuracy before being delivered to you. The average preparation time is from 1 to 2 weeks depending on the stock availability and the production times.

  8. Interested to consider the European Sensitiv Imago LAB for home or business? Please submit your request here.

    We look forward to help you improve your health and your business!

    Yours in health innovation,
    Team of Alfa-Med Prague LLC

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