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NEW: Aureola Stress-Rating Program

Multi-purpose stress assessment tool


Stress-Rating is a special program module for your Aureola device to add a multi-purpose stress-assement capability to your practice!
The development of the Bio-Photon Holography (BPH) method specifically for the needs of human’s psycho-emotional evaluation was initiated by our company “Praha Alfa-Med”, the owner of the SENSITIV IMAGO® trade mark, in a close collaboration with a number of the leading world experts in this study field.

This innovative technology offers the possibility to determine the psychoemotional state, as well as the energy capabilities of the organism when encountering serious stress loads.

This methodology describes the possibilities of using the Bio-Photon Holography (BPH) method in psychology with the application of the “Stress-Rating” program, which is intended for the following purposes:

  • Operative express diagnostics and assessment of psychoemotional and energetic readiness for mental and physical loads.
  • Evaluation of the ability to restore an adequate psycho-emotional state in the period of post-traumatic rehabilitation.
  • Control of the human effectiveness and the influence of physical and psychological loads in sports.
  • The possibility for monitoring and for comparative assessments of psychoemotional behavior in the context of various tests and tasks.


The program adequately reflects the level of psychophysical potential of clients at the time of the survey, facilitates the psychological and medical control over the state of fitness and health.

The “Stress rating” program will be beneficial for:

  • Experts working in the practical psychology and psychosomatics
  • Experts in holistic health – both doctors and alternative practitioners
  • Experts in anti-aging and longevity
  • Experts and consultants working in the field of wellness and healthy lifestyle
  • Experts in the evaluation of the comparative results of healing techniques
  • Experts and investors in sports industry for mobile health monitoring
  • Experts in estimation of efficiency of the working staff (HR)
  • Experts and consultants in the energy diagnostics and healing
  • Experts working with practitioners of martial arts
  • Experts and consultants in yoga practices
  • Experts and consultants in meditation practices
  • Experts on energy harmonization in family relations

Practical tests of the Stress-Rating methodology.

At the present moment, the mothod of Bio-Photon Holography (BPH) method and the Aureola® 100 complex in conjunction with the Stress Rating module, has long been reliably applied in different areas. It has been used for many years in medicine, sports and science as a tool for screening assessment, both for the patient’s condition and for the degree of the external and internal influences. The method demonstrates high repeatability of results, has a good predictive effect in terms of both short-term and long-term forecasts (diagnoses) and sufficient correlation with real achievements (for example, in sports).
Over 10 years, this methodology has been successfully used in the Czech Republic, Russia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Belarus.

The tests also included an extensive research at schools of the Russian Olympic Reserve and the Russian National Research Medical University, (Moscow), Institute of Physical Education and Sports of Minsk (Belarus), the scientific department of medical and biological problems of human adaptation in the Arctic KSC RAS.

Based on our many years of experience working with this technology, the methodology proved itself as a reliable, accurate and highly effective tool for assessment of the psychoemotional state and stress levels of a person. Today, we consider it as a promising multi-purpose evaluation tool that will bring a new practical dimension for phychologists, alternative practitioners, sports evaluation, health coaches and consultants, recrutment specialists and more.

You’re welcome to request a free online consult to get more information about Aureola Stress-Rating Program.

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