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Angel Mobile Green

Angel mobile green is the smaller version of the most powerful Angel Green that was made to be taken wherever you go. It is most suitable for smaller rooms, offices, cars, hotels during your travelling and in any other places where you may need to harmonize a living or working space and water.

Angel mobile green was specifically developed for for smaller rooms and in-car usage:

  1. Neutralizes the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMF), Geopathic zones (stress), viruses, bacteria, parasites, molds, free radicals on the human body
  2. Counteracts the effect of the faraday cage within the car’s chassis
  3. Has a refreshing effect during driving
  4. Regenerates and detoxifies the body
  5. Harmonizes the living environment
  6. Harmonizes water and aqua system in our organism

The chassis of an automobile forms a faraday cage, which potentiates the electrical and magnetic fields so that the electromagnetic radiation which is produced within the car can’t disperse. Thus, the strain on our body cells is enormous, particularly in modern electric vehicles.

Angel mobile green neutralizes the effects of this burden and free radicals, which are created by WiFi, Bluetooth, the cars’ infotainment system, AC, and other electronic equipment within the car. Angel Mobile relieves the whole body and has been proven to increase energy and concentration during driving.

The glass body of the Angel Mobile is made of crystal glass with uranium admixture , which is important for the increase of EMF neutralization.

Green Glass orignates from a famous resort Carlsbad - Karlovy Vary.

For its universal qualities in smaller rooms and during your travelling, its our next Best-Seller after Angel Green.

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