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Sensitiv Imago Aureola 500 – upgrade 2020

Sensitiv Imago Aureola goes mobile!

Mobile Healing Module for organs & systems correction

  1. personal portable module device uses 2 neuro-impedance sensors and transmitters, 1 or more hand channels (tissue frequency transmitters)
  2. all base frequency-wave modules are located on an individual virtual device and the client gets access to them directly from the gadget
  3. product has a friendly interface and the ability to upload new modules, both universal and individual
  4. frequency-wave modules are able to correct the patho-physiological and psycho-emotional parameters of the human condition, including for preventive purposes
  5. product has a small size and perfect for traveling and use on the go

Take the healing possibilities of Sensitiv Imago Aureola wherever you go!

Experience the Sensitiv Imago Healing in the office or at home

  • Take your portable Streamer gadget with you to revitalize your organism on the go
  • Get new healing complexes added to your Streamer gadget as we release new healing modules
  • Get individual consults in our partner centers throughout the world
  • Request individual healing complexes custom-made based on the scans of your patients

Wellness Possibilities of Digi-Healer Frequency Streamer

  • Compensates for chronic diseases and functional disorders
  • Compensates for a number of pathological symptoms and syndromes
  • Increases the effectiveness of the prescribed physician therapies
  • Provides relaxation and optimizes the psycho-emotional state
  • Relieves stressful states in the body
  • Stimulates and improves memory
  • Optimizes the human intellectual level
  • Enhances physical endurance
  • Stimulates and improves mental activity
  • Activates the process of learning and adoption of new information
  • Stabilizes the phase of fast and slow sleep
  • Optimizes rehabilitation after physical work loads
  • Optimizes rehabilitation after emotional stress loads
  • Helps to cope with any training, both physical and mental

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