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Possibilities of the Sensitiv Imago™ Aureola

  • Express evaluation of energy and psychological state within 10 minutes
  • Differential diagnostics: physical problems and emotions
  • Estimation of the psycho-emotional state parameters expressed as diagnostics conclusion reflecting the level of functional-energy state
  • The Holistic Map of Organism: see the top loaded systems and organs which need support now
  • Prevention of risks – see the possible problems in the early stage of development
  • Causal-effect correlations
  • Bio-field of the body – see the link between the energy issues and the human organs
  • Viewing the energy field mode in three projections
  • Separation of the energy field into the zones for detailed analysis
  • Calculation of energy field parametrs: area, entropy, fractality and symmetry
  • Presentation of data in tables and diagrams
  • Energy centers – see the link between the emotional and physical problems
  • Interpretation for each energy center, emotional-physical imbalance
  • The energy center number is marked on the horizontal axis and the emotional-physical imbalance on the vertical one
  • Grafic display of the energy value and emotional-physical imbalance of the energy centres
  • Presentation of the table containing numeric values of the calculated parameters
  • Possibiities to compare health state before and after the recovery course
  • Monitoring and comparison – diagnostic, research and personal use
  • Static and dynamic capturing of images and saving for the further analysis
  • Static and dynamic capturing of series of images
  • Comparison of the obtained results in groups, for several objects
  • Calculation the parametrs that express the potential of success in human activity
  • Mobile potential efficiency in sports industry, for example athletes
  • Estimation of the potential success and efficiency of the working staff (HR)
  • Individual rating of a person in the team
  • Great opportunities for research work
  • Calibration of parametrs by images of the test object
  • Energy compensation possibilities Lotos module
  • Monitor the effectiveness of healing methods
  • The possibility of collecting and mathematical processing of statistical data
  • Printing out results – images, graphs and tables
  • Aureola comes complete with all the necessary documents: certificates, warranty, user’s manual, work book and case book

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