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Possibilities of the Sensitiv Imago™ Aureola

The GDV Aureola equipments allow ( main possibilities):

  1. to diagnose the physical and psychological state,
    GDV Aureola Bioelectrography provides early manifestations of a lot of illnesses.
  2. to monitor responses to treatment,
    GDV Aureola enables us to evaluate and quantify the response of any person to any treatment. A typical procedure involves recording a person’s state before and after the treatment.
  3. to evaluate of individual’s physiological stress level,
  4. to estimate treatment effectiveness,
    By recording the human state at different time intervals after a treatment has been applied (typically minutes or hours after), it is possible to estimate if the treatment has a temporary or a systematic effect on the human state.
  5. to compare therapies,
    GDV Aureola method of human state assessment enables comparing various therapies and estimating the best therapy for any given person/condition.
  6. to test new treatments,
    Since electrophotonic GDV glow seems to reflect the state of human consciousness, rather than just the body, it is possible to estimate the effect of a new treatment BEFORE actually applying it.
  7. to study person’s individual reaction to the influence of CAM,
    (informational, energy, physical medicine): oriental techniques, light, sound, air-ions, magnetic field, etc. You can also check the effects of subtle influences such as homeopathy, flower essences, essential oils and wave therapy, including allergic reactions, on individual’s energy.
  8. to see the impact of spiritual practices,
    such as meditation, Reiki, pray, Yoga, emotional release, and many others on your physical wellbeing.

More detailes about possibilities GDV Aureola:

  • Express evaluation of energy and psychological state within 10 minutes
  • Differential diagnostics: physical problems and emotions
  • Estimation of the psycho-emotional state parameters expressed as diagnostics conclusion reflecting the level of functional-energy state
  • The Holistic Map of Organism: see the top loaded systems and organs which need support now
  • Prevention of risks – see the possible problems in the early stage of development
  • Causal-effect correlations
  • Bio-field of the body – see the link between the energy issues and the human organs
  • Viewing the energy field mode in three projections
  • Separation of the energy field into the zones for detailed analysis
  • Calculation of energy field parametrs: area, entropy, fractality and symmetry
  • Presentation of data in tables and diagrams
  • Energy centers – see the link between the emotional and physical problems
  • Interpretation for each energy center, emotional-physical imbalance
  • The energy center number is marked on the horizontal axis and the emotional-physical imbalance on the vertical one
  • Grafic display of the energy value and emotional-physical imbalance of the energy centres
  • Presentation of the table containing numeric values of the calculated parameters
  • Possibiities to compare health state before and after the recovery course
  • Monitoring and comparison – diagnostic, research and personal use
  • Static and dynamic capturing of images and saving for the further analysis
  • Static and dynamic capturing of series of images
  • Comparison of the obtained results in groups, for several objects
  • Calculation the parametrs that express the potential of success in human activity
  • Mobile potential efficiency in sports industry, for example athletes
  • Estimation of the potential success and efficiency of the working staff (HR)
  • Individual rating of a person in the team
  • Great opportunities for research work
  • Calibration of parametrs by images of the test object
  • Energy compensation possibilities Lotos module
  • Monitor the effectiveness of healing methods
  • The possibility of collecting and mathematical processing of statistical data
  • Printing out results – images, graphs and tables
  • Aureola comes complete with all the necessary documents: certificates, warranty, user’s manual, work book and case book

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