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Examples of practical use of Sensitive Imago Aureola (GDV) technology

Measurement of therapist’s energy changes during work with patient

At the beginning of work

In the middle of work

We observe a doubling of the energy glow due to therapist using his personal energy in working with patient.

Measurement of the world champion in figure skating before and after training

State of the energy centers (chakras) before the training

State of the energy centers (chakras) after the training

Comparative measurement of the energy of 4 different people (from left to right)

  1. The condition of a relatively healthy person
  2. The state of a guard in prison
  3. The condition of a drug addict
  4. A programmer after prolonged work on computer

Measurements in the field of experimental medicine

Acute process

Chronic process

Hidden infection

Weakened state of the body (supposedly the prodromal period)

Overload on organs

Menstruation (2 - 4 days)

Changes at the cellular level (sand, stones, cysts, adhesions)

Complete blockage of organ’s functions

Partial blockage of organ’s functions

Altered state of consciousness

Manifestation of oncology

Various measurements of human conditions - before and after the action (from left to right)

  1. Before and after irritation
  2. Before and after despondency
  3. Before and after pronouncing abusive words

  1. Before and after smoking
  2. Before and after holding a meteorite
  3. Before and after attending a religious ceremony

Measurement of a patient's clinical case

The energy-balancing effect of chavanprash (Ayurveda product) on the body.

  1. Original state of organism
  2. 15 mins after taking Chavanprash
  3. After taking a full course of Chavanprash

Reaction of man’s chakras

Example of the impact of a mobile phone on a human biofield


Energy biofield of a relatively healthy person.
Energy-deficient areas are observed in the region of the thyroid gland, genitourinary and immune systems.
Significantly reduced negative impact of a cell phone s observed by using an Angel protection device.

Example of measuring patient’s energy field before and after an acupuncture procedure

Energy potential of patient before and after a treatment procedure.

Condition before a session of acupuncture.

Condition after a session of acupuncture.

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