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Sensitiv Imago Aureola: new-age GDV technology for Diagnostics and Compensation of Human Disease, Stress and Energy

Sensitiv Imago® AUREOLA is a European Union certified hardware-software complex based on the New-Age GDV principle of the registration of signals from a biological object and forming connections to the biological state, organs and systems, the psycho-emotional state and the physiological resourcefullness of the tested object.

The Bio-Photon Holography (upgraded GDV) method is based on the physical effect of glow of various objects in high-tension electromagnetic fields. The image data from the human fingers, processed by the latest computing technologies, allows us to find connections with the general level and the nature of person’s psycho-emotional and physiological activity, assess the state of individual organs and systems and monitor the effect of various stress influences on the body.

Historically, this effect of glow was first discovered in 1766 by the Englishman Joseph Priestley. Later on, a number of scientists in different countries contributed to the development and improvement of the method.

In 2014, Praha Alfa-Med LLC, the owner of the SENSITIV IMAGO® trade mark, initiated the technological development of the Bio-Photon Holography (upgraded GDV) method specifically for the needs of the modern psychology, sports, HR and alternative medicine.

In 2018, the Aureola Hardware-Software Complex represents a combination of over 20 years worth of study, tests and practical results with the latest Hi-Tech advancements brought to you by Praha Alfa-Med LLC.


  1. Reading principle and sensors
    • Bio-photon Holography is the high-precision scanning method that uses a) the principle of creating a high-tension electro-magnetic fields (GDV) in combination with b) the new-generation reading sensors that read the bio-field of the tested object placed in the formed field.
  2. Computed reflexicology active points analysis
    • The technological synergy of methods of reflexicology. The machine registeres and forms correlations between the signals from the active points and the human organs and systems.
  3. NLS (non-linear systems) analysis algorithm
    • Aureola uses a custom NLS algorithm for the analysis of the scan readings and providing the holistic energy and physiological aspects about the tested object.
  4. Tested Database of psychological, stress and physical correlations
    • The machine has an exclusive database of the psycho-emotional factors and their connections to the physiological activity and imbalancies backed up by 20 years of studies and tests in different fields.
      Before launching, the technology-methodological complex has been tested in countries like Czech Republic, Russia, Israel, Belarus, Kazakstan.

As such, the Bio-Photon Holography (upgraded GDV) method and the Aureola® 100 and 500 complexes have been reliably tested in many areas like psychology, sports, psycho-physiology, military assessments, scientific research and others... This method has been used for many years in medicine, sports and science as a tool for screening assessment, both the patient’s condition and the degree of external and internal influences. The method demonstrates high repeatability of results, has a good predictive effect in terms of both short-term and long-term forecasts (diagnoses) and sufficient correlation with real achievements (for example, in sports).

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