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Diagnostical algorithm with Sensitiv Imago™


Stage #1 – Gathering information from the human

The famous 96% diagnostical accuracy of Sensitiv Imago is based on 3 lines of sensors that take part in the readings.

Patented SBA-sensors (Sensitiv Bi-Stable Analyzers) are reading the information based on the subcortex area in the brain where the bio-feedback between the cells and the brain happens. Its a sientific fact that all vegetative functions in the human organism are part of the bio-feeback with this brain area.

Through the SBA-sensors we get the data on functioning of all the human systems – breathing and digestion, skeletal and bones, endocrine and immunity, nervous and cardio, uro-genetal and sensors (eyes, ears, hair, teeth, nails).

Hand-sensors are reading information from the tissues and the extra-cellular matrix (ECM). The tissues and EMC serve as an additional information field that manifests the presence of microbiological processes, parasites, viruses, infections and different homo-toxins.

Quazi-sensors are responsible for reading the external environment, compare the reading with the reading from the patient and automatically filter out all the electro-margetic signals that don’t belong to the patient. Thus, eliminating the well-known errors that happen with other, especiallly cheaper diagnostical technologies because of the external signals getting into the diagnostical data.

This combination of 3 lines of sensors + the number of sensors (about 500 SBA-sensors are built in the top model 530) is the exclusive technological know-how that’s responsible for the highest accuracy of the Sensitiv Imago technology.

Stage #2 – Analysis of the diagnostical information – Virtual laboratory

The database of Sensitiv Imago contains over 10 000 of frequecial standards that correspond to all possible states in the human organism, from the early stages of the disease development to the mature pathological processes. Upon the accurate readings from the SBA, hand and quazi sensors, the information is passed through the high-tech comparison process + NLS – analysis (Non-linear systems analysis) and then the analytical results are presented for the operator. The scope of the data ranges from the top stressed systems, developing pathological processes, microorganisms of all types, allergic reactions, blood and hormones state, toxic substances – all the way to the food intolerances, phycological factors, electro-magnetic burdens, chemical additives burden and other factors.

Stage #3 – Individual wellness program and illness prevention

The range and the reported accuracy of the analytics about the human organism provided by Sensitiv Imago will allow a) a medical specialist b) a naturopath or c) any type of an alternative practitioner to create individual wellness, support and prevention programs. Such program can balance the human organism of multiple levels to help it re-estate a natural homeostasis and the immunity.

A typical health-support program can include: support of weak systems, support of weak organs, individual selection of supplementation, individual diet-list, preparation of individual energy-based remedies for support of target organs, FC (frequency compensation) healing, BRT (bioresonance technology) healing, addressing of active microorganisms.

European Training and Guaranty Policy of the Main European Office of Sensitiv Imago

  • The training on how to implement the 3-stage diagnostical process is included in the price of all our devices.
  • We exclusively provide the European-certified devices with the 2-year European Union guaranty.
  • We exclusively provide the following additional modulesSensitiv Imago Angel (module for human protection) and Aureola (module for evaluation of Aura, Chakras and advanced phychological and stress factors).

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