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Male, 43 years old

I was referred to Dr. Maia office by the friend, who was treated with excellent results. My problem was upper body pain. I was treated for ages with prescription medications. It did give me temporary relieve, but pain was coming back every time I stopped with pain killers. I took a test; it has indicated the problem with my spine. With acupuncture treatments I have full recovery and now can work and have normal life without any medications.

Female, 53 years old

After very difficult surgery in the pelvic area my condition was hard. Every day in the evening during 5-6 hours I had the heat 39C and even above. The reasons of this postoperative complication were unclear. The newest broad-spectrum antibiotics were ineffective. The "Sensitive Imago" showed the staphylococcus infection. It was very important to select the preparation for the treatment against this infection. From the list of 15 different antibiotics the device selected only one medicine, very old antibiotic oxacillin, that was in use in our country more then 25 years ago. After two days of intramuscular injections the heat run down, my health significantly improved. After this I got the preposition to take a bioresonance therapy course and treatment of nutraceutical. All this procedures helped me to got rehabilitated after surgery and during long period of time filled me good.

Female, 39 years old

I and my child came on the survey absolutely accidentally. The trouble brought us here. My child (she is 17 years old) had some skin problems since the age of 12. The dermatologist sad: "Mummy, this is just the consequences of awkward age, there is no reasons to do something". But year after year the situation became worse and worse. The face was covered with acne and pimples, they appeared on the back. The girl became complexed, we visited beauticians few times, brushed the face, drank different kinds of medicines, have spent a lot of money, but nothing has helped us.

To your scheme of treatment I took with a grain of salt. I sad to my self: "We all ready did this all". But I did not refuse. After 1 month we understood, that we got very good result. My daughter filled herself good, she stopped hiding her face, the face skin became clean, the stomach aches also stopped (before the treatment they were all the time), there normalized the functioning of the intestine.

All our familiars were interested: "How did you do it? Come across!". We give the phone number of your center to all our friends. We are very grateful to the doctor, who treated us. Thank you very much!

Female, 25 years old

Since growing age I had a gynecological problems. Regularly held courses of treatment in different medical clinics in which I were prescribed massive doses of antibiotics, and only-begotten result I get - definitively ruined intestine. In fine a receive one more problem - dysbacteriosis, and the gynecological problem still wasn't determine. I was disappointed in the free medicine. So I started to find commercial medical centers. My pen-friends direct me your address. Here I saw really serious approach to the health problems. Modern equipment, experienced doctors, and the main thing - in this center does not abuse the chemical medications, mostly I receive natural preparations. This treatment was very effective for me. And I am very happy about it.

Male, 50 years old

I had the prostatitis and urethritis. After detailed diagnosis I found out lots about my self. It turns out, that urogenital infection I had, can be present in the body during decades and it is useless to manage it by antibiotics. Here I have received complex treatment program, all procedures were considered and justify. Was present control about the results. All this procedures helps me quite fast. I really liked such approach. Thank You for the treatment.

Female, 62 years old

My employee has sugar diabetes for over 5 years, the legs and hands is all the time in rash, persistent pain in the right or left hips and many other troubles. She was diagnosed in your center. In her body were founded whole list of problems. Was suggested bioresonance therapy. As soon as all this herbs and pill did not give her much, so she agreed. During 1,5 month her body was completely cleaned out from the parasites, the symptoms of the sugar diabetes disappeared, also she loose 7 kilograms of weight, became younger and feels much more better , the pain pass off. My family members also diagnosed, now they treated.

Female, 20 years old

I am very appreciative you. I was tormented by doubts of an intimate nature, I was afraid to admit it even to myself. After your diagnostic (it shows, that everything is OK) I actually did not believe in the result. And I surely went to the doctors. I passed all their's humiliating procedures, and your diagnose was confirmed by subject matter doctor - they did nor find nothing! No I am happy person, I can love again and look on the life differently. I am very appreciated to you.

Female, 47 years old

For over few years I tried to dispose of allergic disease neurodermatitis. The whole year I used hormonal unctures, in order to remove dermal irritation, also went to the beauticians. But all this measures gave just temporary reliefs. But the worst thing was that doctors could not detect cause of allergies. This variant did not suit me and I started my own search for a solution. After reading about parasites, I knew that they can be the reason of my disease , so I decided to be tested in your center.

What was my surprise, when I found out the reason of my long suffering. The reason was trite - the helminths. I was recommended the antihelminth program. On the 17th day the neurodermatitis disappeared totally, and I forget about hormonal unctures. What a relief! More then that during the usage of this program I loos 8 kilos, although I spend many years tormented about different diets and they did help. Also I easily got rid of the craving for sweet, fatty, sharp, switched to a healthy food. Thanks.

Female, 28 years old

My health was not good since childhood, a specially I was bothered about chronicle girardiasis hepatitis, which I started to suffer since the age of 12. So I decided to start with it. After providing the survey for founding parasites, I was horrified by the possible amount of them and immediately agreed to the recommended treatment. After I finished the full course the diagnostic show me the result? And it was perfect. And the laboratory analyzes also were clean. At last the achiness in the liver gone, improved my mood and overall. Gratefully, Helen.

Female, 55 years old

She had complaints consists aching pain in the stomach, that became worse after eating; nausea; occurring vomiting after taking fatty meal. After testing was made a diagnosis - "chronic calculous cholecystitis". The patient was sent on the additional survey - ultrasonography of the abdominal cavity organs for finding the decision about further treatment tactics. The ultrasonography confirmed the diagnosis "chronic calculous cholecystitis". For the patient was performed surgical operation - cholecystectomy. After the surgery she passed the rehabilitation course in our center.

Female, 30 years old

She had complaints consists pain after eating in the pit of the stomach, heartburn and belching. After the diagnostic was a diagnosis - "erosive gastritis". Was recommended complex healthy therapy course. In 1 month the patient came on the verification survey with FEGDS conclusion about presents in the patient's body "erosive gastritis".

Male, 69 years old

He had complaints consists frequent and sometimes difficult urination. As a result of testing was made a diagnosis "prostatic adenoma". He was sent to the urinologist for consultation. To the patient was conducted Ultra Sonic Testing, that confirmed the diagnosis, was prescribed the treatment.

Male, 57 years old

He had complaints consists permanent aching pain in the lumbar area, painful urination, swelling of the face. As a result of testing was made a diagnosis "urinary stone disease". For finding the decision about further treatment tactics the patient was sent to pass Ultra Sonic Testing, that confirmed the diagnosis "urinary stone disease", stone in the right kidney. The patient pass the treatment in the urological in-patent clinic.

Female, 35 years old

She had complaints about permanent low-grade fever, especially in the evening. One month before testing suffered acute bronchitis with fever, underwent a course of antibiotic therapy. As a result of the diagnostic were found Staphylococcus aureus. During the microbiological study of the nasopharyngeal swab the presents of this microorganism was confirmed. The treatment course was recommended.

Male, 10 years old

He had complaints about abdominal distension, poor appetite, frequent catarrhal diseases, allergies. As a result of testing received the diagnosis "lambliasis". At the urging of the parents was directed to the gastroenterologist consultation. He passed duodenal intubation. During the survey of duodenal plural were founded Lamblia intestinalis. The treatment course was recommended.

Female, 6 years old

She had complaints about abdominal pains, poor sleep, lack of appetite. As a result of testing were received ascariasis, enterobiasis. During the microscopy of the stool sample were founded helminth's Ascaris lumbricoides and Enterobius vermicularis ova. Was performed anti-parasitic therapy course.

Female, 40 years old

She had complaints about long, abundant and painful periods. As a result of testing was received diagnosis "metrofibroma". The patient was sent for further research, were handle Ultra Sonic Testing f pleural organs and gynecological consultation. The diagnosis "metrofibroma" was confirmed.

Female, 57 years old

She had complaints about fatigue and weakness; dry and pruritus of skin integument; thirst and as a result using up to 3 liters water per day; also she had overweight. As a result of testing was received diagnosis - "type 2 (insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus". The patient was sent for further research and consult an endocrinologist. The blood analysis show results - sugar 9,2 millimole/l, in the urine sample was found "glycosuria". By the endocrinologist was made a diagnosis - "type 2 diabetes mellitus, moderate severity". Complex treatment course was prescribed.

Female, 48 years old

She had complaints about headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath during physical exertion, sleep disturbance. As a result of testing were received follow diagnoses: "coronary heart disease", "hypertension", "chronic bronchitis". The patient was sent for further researches - electrocardiogram, Doppler sonography, X-Ray of chest organs. All diagnoses were confirmed. Complex treatment course was prescribed. During retesting after main treatment course was found that the state of the body compensated. The maintenance therapy course was recommended.

Male, 5 years old

He had complaints about skin rash, itching, irritation. As a result of testing were received follow diagnoses: "allergic dermatitis", "dysbiosis", "biliary dyskinesia", "Giardia and Proteus parasitic infection". Also was revealed a hypersensitivity for some define foodstuff (citruses, fish, wheat and etc.). Follow further researches, like Ultra Sonic Testing of abdominal cavity organs, stool test coprogram, allergotest confirmed diagnosed pathology. The treatment course was assigned.

Female, 27 years old

She had complaints about irritability, low-grade fever in the evening day time, tachycardia. As a result of testing were received follow diagnoses: "thyrotoxicosis", "diffuse goiter (per-pathology state)". She passed further researches, such as electrocardiogram, ultrasonic scanning of thyroid body, hormonal analysis of thyroid body. After further researches was proven case "second-degree toxic thyroid nodule".

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