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Main possibilities of the Sensitiv Imago™ Angel


  • Multi-level Protection of work and home environments against the electro-magnetic pathogenic effects, including electrosmog
  • Eliminates the undesirable effects of geopathic and psychosomatic zones
  • Eliminates the undesirable effects of Hartmann grids and underground water veins
  • Personal and family protection, provide energy harmonization of home environments
  • Can help minimize many of the health problems, such as insomnia, disorders of the cardiovascular and hematopoietic system, joints pain, muscular tension, irritability
  • Contributes to remedy the psycho-social difficulties in the family and at work
  • Improve the overall harmonization of the body and mind. As a result contributes to harmonizing family relationships
  • Provides protection for operator and client in centers that use all kinds of electro-magnetic medical and non-medical equipment
  • Protect the energy field of operator and client in bio-resonance centers during diagnostics, bio-energetic testing and frequency compensation
  • Sensitiv Imago Angel device achieves excellent results in cooperation with Sensitiv Imago® 530CE, an overall improvement of patient’s health status was observed
  • Suitable for children – decreases nightmares during child’s sleep
  • Provides an overall energy harmonization
  • Prevention of risks on all levels – physical, energy and psychological
  • Decreases negative influences that have a long-term effect on the cellular structure of the physical body
  • Protection against a line of viruses and bacteria
  • Harmonization effects on plants (home and garden)
  • Positive effects on pets, especially dogs
  • Sensitiv Imago Angel comes complete with all the necessary documents: certificates, warranty, user’s manual

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