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Sensitiv Imago® Plasma

Sensitiv Imago® Plasma is a unique healing and compensating technology that allows you to perform a harmonisational procedure without touching the human body via an effective course of non-chemical holistic healing. Only Sensitiv Imago® Plasma devices work with a unique DNA frequencies database, which is our know-how. Other technologies on the market work based on the old-type frequency databases. Our database is clearly sorted into “tiles” according to the type of coupling procedure and you have a choice of the Unique DNA database of microorganisms – almost 200 pathogens, both bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. All frequencies were verified and processed using the latest procedures and technologies by a team of engineers.

  • There are the unique databases of healing complexes that are focused on specific pathological processes in the organism and their harmonization and also on the organ frequencies designed to compensate specific organs.
  • There also are the comprehensive detoxification programs to support the removal of pollutants from the body, both general and those that focus on specific organs and their detoxification (for example, support in nicotine withdrawal, removal of heavy metals from the body, etc.)
  • A unified use with Sensitiv Imago® 530 technology is possible, where the Plasma device enhances the practitioner’s ability for the more effective and time-efficient healing procedures.

We are currently using this method to calculate the resonant frequencies of the coronavirus Sars Cov-2, which causes COVID-19, based on the RNA length of the new virus strains.

Main benefits of Sensitiv Imago® Plasma

  • Independent therapeutic tool
  • Portable all-in-one system
  • Unique DNA and RNA frequencies of microorganisms
  • High effectivity
  • Comprehensive harmonization programs
  • Continuous expansion of the database
  • Complete certification
  • Legislative background, professionalism of training and support Prague ALFA-MED
  • Intuitive software control
  • Easy hardware handling and maintenance
  • Modern and clean design with comfortable user interface
  • The presence of an operator is not necessary
  • New pricing policy

The most effective use of Sensitiv Imago® Plasma is observed in the following areas of holistic medicine:

  • Healthy doctors providing general practice or specialization
  • Experts for detoxification and removal of contaminants
  • Removal of parasites and other microorganisms without the use of chemicals
  • Anti-smoking cessation experts as well as cessation experts and other types of addictions
  • Holistic health and anti-aging professionals
  • Experts in psychosomatic correction
  • Experts in the field of quantum medicine
  • Other specializations in holistic medicine

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Sensitiv Imago Plasma is an experimental device designed to study the effects of electromagnetic waves on living organisms. Unfortunately, given that current science does not yet have an effort to study the effect of these procedures on human health, it is by no means possible to perceive Sensitiv Imago Plasma as a medical device intended for treatment or diagnosis.

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