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Summary of basic principles of work

  • Original database of efficient and accurate frequencies acting on whole genomes
  • Accurate balance of electrical and magnetic components

  • The correct intensity and shape of the radiated signal
  • Frequency generation method – a unique generator with a patented lamp
  • Due to the round shape, the plasma tube also emits so-called Zenneck’s soliton waves. Zenneck’s wave then acts in various parts of the body – for example in cells or tissues

  • Plasma is an ideal medium that acts as a mixer of electromagnetic signals. The plasma tube emits electrical and magnetic spectra up to terahertz
  • Application of Kirchoff’s law of physics in practice: “Molecules are able to absorb radiation of the same frequencies that they emit themselves”
  • If the frequency of energy emitted by the plasma tube corresponds to the emission, and therefore also the absorption frequency of the organ, there is a targeted stimulation of specific nerve pathways and support of the electromagnetic activity of the body, which results in compensation of pathological processes

  • Based on the length of the biomolecular chain of DNA or RNA, we calculated the frequencies corresponding to the genome
  • The wavelength corresponding to these frequencies is synchronized with the bacterium or virus, and it is vibrated and mechanically disturbed
  • In addition, the DNA molecule has a negative charge and is therefore highly electrosensitive to the effect of oscillating resonant electromagnetic fields produced by Sensitiv Imago® Plasma

How do we create our original frequency database?

The resonant frequencies or frequency bands of individual microbes can be determined in the laboratory, by experimental methods and it is also possible to calculate them. If we synchronize the wavelength of the radiation of the plasma generator with the actual length of some internal structure of the microbe, this structure vibrates and is damaged. The method is most often applied in practice using the lengths of DNA and RNA.

We use physical conversion over the speed of light to calculate the effective frequencies. If we divide the speed of light by the actual length of the DNA, we get the appropriate resonant frequency of the microbe. We will further convert this to lower harmonic frequencies usable within the frequency band of the plasma generator. We use both the speed of light in vacuum and the speed of light in living organisms to calculate, and then we apply both types of frequencies obtained.

In general, it can be stated that the more complex and internally structured organism, the higher its frequency band. Mammals, including humans, respond to frequencies from 3 MHz upwards.

Sensitiv Imago® Plasma is a device whose frequency range or signal strength does not have the ability to harm a person during normal use. After application, the organism must process the waste substances that are formed during the decomposition of microbes.

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