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Dear colleagues and friends,

We’re pleased to share the news regarding our remarkable Sensitive Imago® Angel device.

In November 2017 our EU company Prague Alfa-Med and our equipment successfully passed a new scientific expertise. This time, we conducted an expert evaluation of the Sensitiv Imago® Angel device in Austria at the IIREC Research Institute under the scientific supervision by Dr. Hannes Walter Medinger.

(IIREC - Austria International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility. Electromagnetic compatibility on biophysical basis – designers in environmental technology.

Scientific management: Mag. Dr. Hannes Walter Medinger)

The equipment was tested on a set of predefined parameters.

Sensitiv Imago Angel showed above the average results on the parameters below:

  • Individual tests
  • Test in the geo-pathological field
  • Stress test in an extremely inhomogeneous magnetic field
  • Test on a long-term effect
  • Test in a technically disturbed field (iPhone)
  • Test in a car, including electric cars
  • Test of influence on water

Based on the results, Sensitiv Imago® Angel equipment was issued a new certificate of successful examination for a period of 3 years.

The recent tests not only provided a scientific confirmation for Angel's remarkable abilities to protect a person and the surrounding space from various negative energies. We also received scientific materials for further work on novelties to be introduced in our SI® Ultimate Complex.

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Yours in innovation,
Management of the Main European Office of Sensitiv Imago®

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