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We would like to introduce you COMPUTER HEALTH DIAGNOSTIC and HEALING by Sensitiv Imago.

Sensitiv Imago BIG UPGRADE 2023 for group 500 (500, 510, 525, 530, 550) out in June-July! We launch a NEXT GENERATION of wave-frequency technology.

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NEWS 2023: from the EUROPEAN HEADQUARTERS of Sensitiv Imago in Prague.

  1. Sensitiv Imago PLASMA - NEW instrument for virus canceling (updated for Covid) Presenting a NEW GENERATION of DNA- and RNA-resonance frequency healing equipment that works based on the powerful plasmic vibration field. Click for details.

  2. Revolutionary Sensitiv Imago Cube technology Enter with us the world where magnets rule in an absolutely amazing layout and with fantastic possibilities.

  3. Health and Wellness Coaches - Get certified in the Energy Wellness Healing (training, toolkit, support) Its a crowded marketplace out these, with thousands of coaches offering their services. How do you stand out? We offer a unique toolkit that will allow to add a visual energy diagnostics instrument and a line of the cellular resonance energy healing to your practice. Click to request details and a personal call.

  4. Sensitiv Imago ANGEL - BEST-SELLER for EMF/5G protection (mobile version is out) New portable mobile version is out for neutralization of EMF's, 5G, mobile phones, radiation, raw electricity, geopathic zones, water energy purification. Click for details.

  5. Embrace your Family Health
    We have prepared a line of home, family and portable gadgets that can help to:
    • protect your house or apartment from the negative loads of the electro-magnetic emissions of computers, mobile phones, wi-fi routers, 5G and 4G towers and more
    • create a home-based frequency healing complex by connecting a simple extension to your laptop that will serve your family for years to come
    • make 2021 the year of conscious health improvement and becoming a part of our growing family healing community

    Click here to request details and a personal call.

  6. HEALING PATIENTS ONLINE - Sensitiv Imago 530 Unlimited (WORLDWIDE HIT + Online Healing Platform) How do you safeguard your practice against the continued limitations of the COVID lockdown and the overall difficulties for your clients and patients to physically visit you? Introducing our new Online Healing Platform that is the answer to this problem - from now on, you will be able to serve your clients in both ways, offline and online.

CLICK HERE to request details and a personal call.

Sensitiv Imago LABs - Setting up an effective professional practice
(doctors, coaches, healers, nutritionists and beyond)

The Sensitiv Imago LABs technologies are built on our company’s 23+ years of experience of work with the principles of bio-resonance, bio-feedback and bio-photon holography(GDV/Kirlian). Every illness, microorganism,emotion has its individual vibration or resonance frequency. Every cell, organ exists in a specific frequency range. By determining the frequency oscillation spectrum through the bio-feedback with the cells, we can identify healthy or unhealthy processes in the organism and then match them with a choice of holistic healing procedures.

Sensitiv Imago LABs is your possibility to set up a full practice based on SI technologies+business level training. The Sensitiv Imago LABs was made by the European Headquarters of Sensitiv Imago to help you assess the organism’s state on all levels - physical, psychological, energetic and environmental. Sensitiv Imago LABs devices use bio-feedback, wave tissue conduction and bio-photon analysis to provide an accurate (up to 96% accuracy) dynamic estimation of the abnormalities and identification of disturbances in a biological object. The examination of the organism only takes between 5-30 minutes and provides a comprehensive view of health levels and allows for an individual holistic healing program. You can get a big picture of the whole organism, not just separated parts, and see the causes of and the interconnections between the existing health problems and risks of potential diseases. By having a correct and timely examination, doctors can find a correct, individually-tailored treatment and non-medical practitioners can provide frequency-based healing sessions and test the effectiveness of any other methods that they use.

CLICK HERE to request details and a personal call.


  1. Scan and heal on all levels: physical, psychological, stresses, energy, environmental.

  2. New healing modules to expand the healing power of Sensitiv Imago 100,500,130,530.

  3. New possibilities for an effective remote healing (personal and for patients).

  4. New portable healing gadgets loaded with ready-made resonance healing complexes.

  5. Possibility to access the internet-based healing portal for online energy balancing.

  6. Possibility for practitioners to request personalized healing complexes for VIP clients.

  7. Possibility to replicate Sensitiv Imago resonance healing at home, at work and on travel.

  8. Full flexibility: all add-on healing modules can be used as stand-alone devices.

  9. The new system is made for continued expansion of healing modules.

  10. Assemble your own custom Sensitiv Imago LAB - for individual, family or business.

By using the European Sensitiv Imago LABs, you can a) learn about the functioning of any organ or system in your body b) identify the early stages of pathological homotoxicological processes c) understand what specialized doctor you have to visit and d) find the most ecological ways of healing e) get a holistic assessment under 30 minutes f) provide valuable services for your patients and clients.

Benefits to work with the European Headquarters in Prague:

  1. You get reliable technologies proved to provide results for operators all over the world.

  2. You get the European guaranty of original technology and the European warranty service.

  3. You get high-quality education by the European certified English-speaking coaches.

  4. All Sensitiv Imago LABs technologies have a non-medical certification and have no usage restrictions.

  5. We help you custom-create your own Sensitiv Imago LAB, based on your needs and budget.

  6. Whatever your country, we provide all official European documents for safe import and legal use.

  7. You can get all levels of training online or at physical centers from real practitioners.

  8. We have 23 years experience in holistic medicine, bio-resonance and quantum physics.

  9. We all are practitioners in medicine, alternative medicine and bio-resonance. We don’t use sales people.

  10. All Sensitiv Imago LABs technologies are fully safe for kids, pregnant women and aged persons.

CLICK HERE to request details and a personal call.

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